Support for accessing your local healthcare services

During the coronavirus pandemic, you may have noticed some changes to how you access your local services. Many of these changes have been made to allow us to observe social distancing measures to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our staff safe. At this time, we understand that you may have questions, and that support may feel as if it's a little further away.

It's normal to have worries or to feel anxious during such times of change. You are not alone. Data shows that over 4 in 5 adults are worried about the effect that coronavirus (COVID19) is having on their life right now, with over half saying it affected their wellbeing and nearly half reporting high levels of anxiety.

We want to reassure you that that same level of support from your local healthcare services is still available. We are here for you if you need us.

Please take note of the following important messages:


Visiting your GP:

You can still have a consultation with your GP, most of these can be done by telephone or video call so that you do not have to attend the surgery.

If your GP needs to see you face-to-face then this will still take place in the safest possible way to protect you and staff.

Please don’t think you are unnecessarily inconveniencing your GP. Your GP will always be happy to talk to you no matter what.


Being referred:

The earlier you see your GP, the better.

If you need to see a specialist you can still be referred; the sooner you have a specialist opinion the sooner you may have a diagnosis and plan for treatment.

If your GP suspects cancer you will still be referred for a urgent investigation.

If you are referred by your GP it is because he or she thinks its important further investigation is needed urgently so it is important you attend this.


Attending hospital:

Lots of work has taken place to make sure that if you need to attend hospital for a non-covid need, such as cancer investigations, this can still happen safely.

The risk of infection to you is minimised as much as possible. You will not enter any areas where there are covid patients.

If you are referred by your GP it’s essential you attend for appointment.

All urgent and emergency cancer surgery is still going ahead.

If you have an urgent operation booked then it is critical you do not change or cancel. It is urgent for a reason.


For further information, you can access useful resources on our dedicated coronavirus information page including: